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So, hello friends, do you also want to MAKE MONEY ONLINE from mobile sitting at home, then today I will tell you 10 tips by which you can earn money from mobile sitting at home, friends nowadays everyone wants to earn money sitting at home, that’s why I have written this article for you. Must read the article till the last, I will explain you every point very well, so let’s start without wasting time. (MAKE MONEY ONLINE)


Affiliate Marketing

Friends, Affiliate Marketing is a very easy way to earn money from mobile, you must have heard a lot about Affiliate Marketing, who do not know what is Affiliate Marketing, then let me tell you Affiliate Marketing means you have to sell a product,

 I will give you the detail. I’ll explain See there are many e commerce websites in our country e commerce websites mean where products are sold like amazon flipkart meesho all these are e commerce websites These websites run their affiliate program Affiliate program means all the products they have; you can share them on your social media by taking a link to all of them. MAKE MONEY ONLINE what is finance

Like Instagram Facebook WhatsApp you can share on all these and you can share the link of any product absolutely free like t-shirts shoes phone laptop computer You can share the link of all the products on it, now if if someone buys that product from your link then you will get commission. (MAKE MONEY ONLINE)

Blog (blogging on mobile)

Friends, the second way to earn money from mobile is blogging, you must have heard about the blog, those who do not know what a blog is, then I have already written articles on it, must read it and those who are blogging. It is known that now they must be thinking that blogging is done from laptop and computer, but now you can do blogging from your mobile too, for that you will have to create your own website.

Now you will say that I do not know how to make a website, then I have a solution for this too, if you have time, then how do you make a website by going to YouTube or if you do not have time and you want to make a website as soon as possible So you can get your website built by hiring a web developer. MAKE MONEY ONLINE

Hiring a web developer means you will tell the person who knows how to make a website, brother, if I want to build my website, then he will make your website and he will take the amount he will charge, now you do not say that brother why did you not tell me how to make a website, see me If I tell you in writing, then you will not understand, for this you will have to watch videos, MAKE MONEY ONLINE

in which that practical will be shown in front of you by making a website. Well, leave all these things, let’s see that after creating a website, all you have to do is to post an article on your website every day. Article means to write information or knowledgeable things about

something, you can post your articles on WordPress. You can either have a site by doing Now you have to find and bring new content to write articles on a topic and write the same content, as many new contents you post on your website MAKE MONEY ONLINE

, then you can rank on google as soon as you can rank any article. If you think then you will start getting a lot of traffic, after that you will start running ads on your blog. In this way you can earn lakhs of rupees sitting at home from blog, this is a very good way to earn money from mobile.  (MAKE MONEY ONLINE)

Playing games

Friends, nowadays there are many such apps where you can earn money by playing games, yes friends, you can easily earn money by playing games, all these apps I am going to tell you, it is shedding money like water, I will give you some I will tell the applications where thousands of games are available, whatever game you are expert in, you can play it, if you win by playing the game, then it will give you money.  (MAKE MONEY ONLINE)

apps to earn money by playing games



Dream 11


Rummy circle

1. winzo

Friends, this app is an Indian app and it is a real money gaming app that will easily get you on the playstore, you install it, friends, there are daily gaming tournaments and contests, you can win real cash by participating in it and many more. games also which you can earn money easily by playing winzo app is an easy way to earn money from mobile (MAKE MONEY ONLINE)

2. MPL

 MPL is a very good money earning app, you will also get to see thousands of games in it like free fire, ludo, bubble shooter, Rummy, thousands of such games are available in MPL, in this also tournament and contests keep happening in the tournament by paying only two rupees. You can participate and earn thousands of rupees. will accumulate

You can transfer money from your wallet to your account, this is a very trustable app. Indian cricketer Virat kohli himself advertises this app, so obviously this app will be trustable, so MPL is also very easy way to earn money from mobile. Is (MAKE MONEY ONLINE)

3. Dream 11

Friends, Dream 11 is also a very good application, it will be available to you on playstore, if you are a cricket lover, you have a lot of knowledge about cricket, then this app is only for you, inside Dream 11, you have to choose the team, who today team will win which player will play well today if your guess is correct then you will win money i will explain you by example

Like suppose today mi vs rcb match is going on then you have to make your team, you can select from these two like suppose you have Rohit Sharma, Mahendra Singh Dhoni, Ishant Kishan, you have selected all these for batsman and Bumrahjdeja, Ashwin, you have selected all these for bowlers, I have already told you that you can choose your players from both the teams,

now the players you have selected perform well, then your score will increase and the more your score will increase, the more money will get Now this question will arise in your mind whether Dream 11 will really give money or not, otherwise I will tell you, it is a very trustable app to earn money, Dream 11 is also a very good way to earn money from mobile.



Friends, you get many games in LOCO App too, it will be available to you on playstore, as soon as you create your account on it, you will get 5 gold, this app will be better for those people who have knowledge because there is also a game with question answer in it. In which he will ask you a question and you have to answer it,

if you give the right answer then you will get a reward which you can convert into cash and transfer it to your bank account. And it is not that you will get to see only question answer games, you will get to see all kinds of games in it, so LOCO App is also a very good way to earn money from mobile.  (MAKE MONEY ONLINE)

5. Rummy Circle

Friends, Rummy App is such an application by which you can earn lakhs of rupees and you can also lose lakhs of rupees, I will always suggest you whenever you play Rummy in the limit, let’s first understand how to earn money from Rummy App. Friends, inside this app you get to see only one game, that is Rummy card and other types of games related to rummy card will be seen.

We speak Rummy card as Juha in our language, then this app is better for those who are expert in it, in this you cannot play the game alone, 2,3, or 4 people play together, there is a cash tournament inside it, you have to invest money in it. Will have to be this bean, whatever money you win will be transferred to your bank account. Rummy circle is also a good way to earn money from mobile.

Friends, there are many applications to earn money by playing games from mobile, but these 5 applications that I have told you are very easy and trustable applications, these apps are very good way to earn money from mobile.  (MAKE MONEY ONLINE)

creating a channel on YouTube

Friends, YouTube channel is also a very easy way to earn money from mobile, for this you have to first create a channel on YouTube and give a good name to it, the name of your channel should be related to your videos, the type of video you will make. to keep the channel name of

Like suppose you make comedy videos then your channel name will also be same if you make motivational videos then your channel name will also be motivation related after that you have to put videos on your channel now this question will come in your mind that my I do not have a good camera, I do not have a computer, so friends, let me tell you that you can make good videos from your mobile too.

Just your content should be good, then views will definitely come on your videos, friends YouTube has a criterion that you should have 1 thousand subscribers and 4000 hours watch time on your channel within 1 year, as soon as your channel has 1 thousand subscribers and 4 thousand Hour watch time will be completed then YouTube will monetize your channel

After that you will run ads on your videos and earn money from it, friends, 1 year is a very long time, if your content is good and you upload daily videos, then you will monetize your channel in 1 to 2 months and start earning money. Friends, I will always suggest that you make similar videos that you like to make, then friends YouTube is also a good way to earn money from mobile.  (MAKE MONEY ONLINE)


Friends, Freelancing is a very good and work to do sitting at home, as I told you that if you have talent inside you, then you can earn money sitting anywhere, let’s first understand what freelancing is, friends in freelancing. You have to work for others while sitting at home, now you will think what work you have to do, so friends, as I already told you

 that you can earn money by blogging, you can earn money by creating a channel on YouTube. But you do not want to create your website, you do not even want to make videos on YouTube, but if you know how to do all these things, then you can do freelancing, you will get many such jobs in freelancing like content writing, copywriting, video editing, LOGO Designing and many more. You will get on freelancer, now you will say brother, I will do all this, but for whom will he give me money or not?

So, friends, let me tell you there are many such websites for freelancing where you will create your account, I will tell you about 2 such websites which are very good and trustable. (MAKE MONEY ONLINE)


2. Up work

You can earn money by working on both these websites, these are 100% trustable sites, they give you money, so freelancing is a very good way to earn money from mobile.


Friends, out of all the mobiles I have told you how to earn money, photography is a very good and easy way to earn money, in today’s world, everyone has a smartphone with a good camera and everyone knows how to take photos.

Friends, nowadays there are such websites where you can sell clicked photos from your mobile and in return you will get a lot of money but if your photo quality should be good then photographic is also a very good way to earn money from mobile.

Friends, today I have told you 6 easy ways to earn money from mobile, hope you will like our articles, you must share it with your friends so that they can also know how to earn money from mobile sitting at home and earn money Thank